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Ac Contactor Relay (KNR8 3UA)

Ac Contactor Relay (KNR8 3UA)

Wenzhou Kangyu Electrical Co.,Ltd



Application (ac contactor,power Relay)
KNR8 series overload relay is suitable for 50Hz/60Hz, rated voltage up 690~1000V,rated current 0.1~400A in main circuit of long time working. It is used to protect AC three-phase asynchronous motor against overload and open phase. This products conformity with IEC947-4, VDE0660,GB14048.4 standards .

Model and meaning

Ac Contactor Relay

Working condifion
The altituelde should be not higher than 2000m;
The ambient temperature:-25¡æ~55¡æ;
The relative humidity: when +25¡æ,the relative humidity of air should be not more than 90%.
Structure feature
Senies overload relay of thermal metal mode ,tripping class is 10A;
Setting current continuous adjustable device;
trip indicator;
test button;
reset button by hand operation and automatic reset button;
have a pair of No and Nc insulation contact in electricity;
mode of installation :install independently or can plug in the AC contactor

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