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AC Contactors (KNC8 3TF)

AC Contactors (KNC8 3TF)

Wenzhou Kangyu Electrical Co.,Ltd



Application (AC Contactor)
KNC8 series AC contactor is suitable for 50/60Hz, rated insulation voltage is 690-1000V, Rated current is 9A-400A at rated operational voltage 380V under the utilization category AC-3. It mainly used for making or breaking circuit at a long distance, suitable for controlling starting,stopping,reversing of ac motor. According with IEC60947 VED0660 GB14048 standards

Model and meaning

  AC Contactors

Structure features
1.Good safety, induction parts are inside.
2.Small volume, light weight, material of air chute not easily to break and good arc capability.
3. Air chamber is sealing type, distance of arcover is small, can reduce the measurement
of electric box body.
4.unique system frame of main contact group, contact abrasion reduce, increase the electro-life.
5.electromagnet works reliably, abrasion is more less, low noise, having high mechanical
6.Frequency operation and controlling capacity are all very high.
7.It’s convenient for connection, fastness , high touch reliability, strong vibration resistance, good safety precaution.

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