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LC1-F1854 4 Pole Contactor


China Yuqing Ruixin Electric



  • Application:
  • LC1-F series 4 Pole AC Contactor is applicable in the circuit rated voltage up to 1000V AC. 50/60HZ, rated current up to 800A, for long distance breaking circuit and frequently starting or controlling the motor. It also can be used for the control of distributing circuits of rated current from 200A to 1600A (AC-1)/115A to 800A (AC-3).
  • Specification:
  • Model Rated operation current(A) Standard power ratings of 3-phase motors AC-3(KW)
    AC-3 AC-1 220/230V 380/400V 415V 440V 500V 660/690V 1000V
    LC1-F1854 185 275 55 90 100 100 110 110 100
  • External dimensions & Installation dimensions:
  • Type Amax Bmax Cmax b φ
    LC1-F1854 208.5 174 181 137 M8


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