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1000W Ballast


Product Description:


we can supply the dimmable ballast from 70W to 1000W. The dimmable electronic ballast is used for metal halide bulb and high pressure sodium bulb, which made refer to the American technology standard. It can start the bulb without the additional and compensator. It can save electrical power and prolong the lamp’s life. It is the most important energy saving products used for green lighting project, High luminous efficiency, high illuminating quality, wide range current and voltage, It can be operated from 90-260VAC little starting current, with various protection function in special situation. It can ignite the metal halide bulb and stabilize the bulb’s operating current, small size, lightweight, low operating temperature, rapid install and excellent energy saving.


Aquarium, farm, Garden, Piazza, Factory, Billboard, high speed, Engineering Lighting and so on.  

3)The way of dimming

we set dimming program in the ballast’s chip, and the ballast will be dimming according the chip, so you need to us how to dimming. It’s easy, to fill in the following blank. Such as the HPS 1000w,      hours later, the power down to     W, and     hours later, the power down/up to     W. 

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