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Laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine

Product Description:

The apparel industry, footwear, home textiles industry, embroidery industry, trademarks industry, cloth toy industry, leather industry, the luggage industry,medical industry, purification industry, warp industry.applicable materials:Fabrics (silk fabrics, cotton fabrics, decorative fabrics, polyester fabrics, synthetic fabrics, Pure fabric), leather (leather, artificial leather, decorative leather, packaging leather, soft-leather), cardboard and other supplies, and a variety of surface

Processing a wide range of fabrics, edge smoothing, automatic close-in, without deformation, graphics design random by computer.
Embroidered patch cutting (before and after embroidered cutting), profiled trademark cutting, clothing pieces, pierced leather, garments processing, cowboy fountain of supplies, clothing cutting and engraving on the surface, the one-time single-layer or multi-layer fabric cutting, drilling, engraved
Use the laser industry''s most advanced control system―― CA-control system
Unique intelligent predictive algorithm and improved control algorithm to ensure that processing hight speed, smooth and efficient
Operational speed, laser energy real-time tunable, and very easy for customers to operate
Cutting energy automatic compensation function, cutting greatly improved results
Built-in 128MB of memory (up to 1G), can also store 99 documents to support power-fail data retention of permanent document storage area
Using LAN interface, two-way communications, improved transmission speed and accuracy; One computer can controlled up to 254 laser equipment, greatly reduces customer investment and maintenance costs

Laser Power:50W/60W/80W
Laser Type:CO2 sealed laser tube,water-cooled,10.6 um
Work Size:590*390
Engraving Scanning Speed:25-60000mm/min
Cutting Speed:25-40000mm/min
Laser Energy Control:real-timeadjustable
Highestt Scanning Precision:25-2500DPI
Graphics Format Support:DST、PLT、BMP、DXF
Dichroic Cutting:reaches 256 colors to cut
Total power:800/1000W


Laser cutting machine
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