M.UNION Verified Suppliers in China, provides quality made in China products and certified China manufacturers. All China manufacturers in manufacturer-union.com are certificated by manufacturer union.

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Products Categories

Time Relay AS-ARE
relay socket rt626 and rt626-b
solid state relay ssrnc
magnetic latching relay as508b-60a80a
automotive relay as403
power relay jqx-72f 80a
Power Relay JQX-62/JQX-62F/JQX-62FH 1Z 2Z
General Purpose Relay 90.2/90.3
General Purpose Relay MY2/MY3/MY4
General Purpose Relay 36.02/36.03/36.04
PCB Relay JQX-15F/T90
PCB Relay JQX-115F
pcb socket
maa socket
auto relay socket MSB

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