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WDSC-500 Computerized Tensile Stress Relaxation Testing Machine

tensile testing machine

Product Description:

1.Main applications and characters

l        The machine adopts horizontal structure. Its test space is made up of four columns and working bench. Below the working bench, there is driving system which is made up of servo motor, reduction box and lead screws. The lower jaw is driven by the lead screw. Via the movement of the lower jaw, the force is loaded to the specimen. This structure make the machine possess high rigidity, which can ensure the accurate of the test results.

l        There is software designed according to the test standards GB/T 10120 and ASTM E328 installed on the computer. Users can control the test procedure through the software. The main test parameters (test force, relaxation force, relaxation rate or logarithmic relaxation rate and temperature can be displayed and saved on the computer. After the test, the test curves(including curves of  residual test force, relaxation force, relaxation rate, temperature versus time) and test results can be printed out or be saved on the computer.

l        70% to 80% of nominal max force of the specimen can be loaded in 3 to 5 minutes by the test system. Test system will record test data within 1 minute while the set force arrives.

l        The correlation coefficient of test curve and fitted curve can be reach up to 99%. So the 1000 hours stress relaxation rate can be calculated according to that of 100 hours. Also, curve of 1000 hours stress relaxation rate can be imitated. So test time can be shorten effectively.

l        It adopts relaxation resistance and creep resistance load cell in order that the test force on zero point has a small fluctuation while working for a long time.

l        Power of main machine can be cut off while set test force is reached to reduce energy consumption.

l        Test data will not be lost when there is an outage. And test will continue when the power is on.

2. Main technical parameters

1) Max. test force: 500kN

2) Measuring range of test force: 10-500kN

3) Precision of test force: 1%

4) Resolution of test force:0.05%/FS

5) test speed: 0-30mm/min

6) Diameter of specimen: 9.5mm, 11.1mm, 12.7mm, 15.2mm

7) Effective test stroke: 0-200mm

8) Test space: 1000-1200mm

9) Protection function: auto stop while force exceeds 2%-5% of max. test force

10) Structure: horizontal

11) Power: 3 phase, 3kW

12) Dimension of main machine: 3000mm X 710mm X 1500mm


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