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DAKIOU HBJ-D800 Carton Erecting Machine


Ruian Daqiao Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd



DAKIOU HBJ-D800 CARTON ERECTING MACHINE (single head) is an ideal choice to produce hamburger boxes, chips boxes, takeout container, etc. It adopts micro-computer, PLC ,alternating current frequency converter ,the vacuum-sucking paper feeding, auto gluing, automatic paper tape counting, chain drive. All of these main parts and electric control system adopts imported brand to guarantee steady working, precise positioning, smooth running, safety and reliability operation. 

Technical specifications:

Production speed 60-160pcs/min( according to different boxes)
 Material card paper 160-600GSM ,  corrugating max 1.5mm
Box length L 100-450mm and angle: 5°-40°
Box width B 100-580/385mm
Edge height H 15-200mm
Power 5.5KW
Voltage 380V 50HZ
Covering area 1.5M × 4M
Packaging dimensions 3600 x1400 x 1600 mm
Weight approx 2.2 tons

Paper boxes forming by DAKIOU HBJ-D800 CARTON ERECTING MACHINE can be used in packing of KFC and Mcdonald s or other foods.

* Compact size and easy installation.
* High efficiency: Produce speed up to 160pcs per minute with automatically counting function
* The machine adopts chain drive to guarantee smooth running, hard-wearing. the chain drive of every unit are separated to reduce noise and workload, increase the stability.
* Time of paper feeding is adjusted by cam. Simply operating, reducing failure rate; equipped with suction system to guarantee the paper steady feeding.
* Automatic gluing system controlled by reduce motor from Taiwan. Gluing point is made of sponge and adjusted convenient.  It can forming different sizes and shapes boxes through changing mould.
* Every parts of forming and collecting system can be adjusted according to the size of mold. The whole collection system can be opened to change mold and install the forming parts conveniently. 
* It adapts paper tape counting equipment. Quickly and efficiently adjusting, accurately counting and product undamaged.
Contact: Mrs. Aegean Wen
0086 13736929699 (WhatsApp)
Email: sale@daqiaobaoji.com

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